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The Sarn Sabrina

Sarn Sabrina Walk

Based on the Celtic myth of Sabrina, a water nymph said to inhabit the waters of the River Severn, we have created a 24 mile circular route, the Sarn Sabrina and a shorter Semi-Sabrina.

Contact: sarnsabrina@llanileisure.co.uk

Sarn Sabrina and Semi-Sabrina Walk
Next event - Saturday 25th of May 2019

2019 Entry Form

An entry form for the 2019 event is available on the llanidloes.com website.

Sarn Sabrina walkers

Please come and join us for the 2019 walk. Preparations are already under way. Just remember - we do our best to ensure your safety on the walk, but 24 miles is a long way. The weather can change suddenly, so we expect you to be fit and used to walking. You need to be equipped for changes of weather, and be able to look after yourself if you stray off the path and get lost.

Now, read on and find out what it's all about...

The Sarn Sabrina

Sarn Sabrina walk with walkers at the Source of the Severn

The Sarn Sabrina is a walk of 24miles (approx. 40km) that leads out of Llanidloes following the national trail of Glyndwr’s Way.

Leading up past the Van Pool, the path opens up extensive views of the Llyn Clywedog and the surrounding countryside, before following the shoreline of the lake to the borders of the Hafren Forest and Cwm Biga Farm.

Climbing up through the Forest to the slopes of Pen Pumlumon, the trail then visits the source of the Severn at 620m above sea level. Descending through the forest along the Severn Way long distance path, the trail next takes to the watershed of the Severn and the Clywedog, enjoying stunning views of the surrounding countryside before arriving back in Llanidloes.

Sponsorship is not a requirement of participation, but we have supplied a Sponsorship Form for anyone that may wish to raise money while they walk. You have the option to raise money for any charity that you wish, but our nominated charity this year is the Save Llanidloes Hospital Action Committee. Participants must note that they are responsible for collecting sponsorship and donating it to their chosen charity.

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